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Attain for Students

Take control of your education

Problem statement

Launched in mid-2018, Attain's purpose is to motivate and encourage students to continue higher education through tracking attendance, study sessions, and mood dispositions while providing an easy way to plan out an academic term.

Design question

How might Attain motivate and encourage students to improve their educational journey?

Type: Mobile App
Role: Research & Design
Period: July 2018 - June 2019


Since I joined the team post-initial research, I had to adjust and adapt my research and design process to fit the project at hand.

User Testing

After recruiting ten participants for remote and in-person usability sessions, the user testing process involved the following factors: having the user implement a Think Aloud Protocol as they completed each task, video recording of each session, leading users through a series of timed tasks, getting constant feedback from users, and having users fill out post-app surveys for a deeper understanding of their thoughts around the app.  

App Reviews

To gain further insight on how our app is being received by our current set of users, we regularly interact with students through email, app reviews, Instagram, and Facebook to 1) build rapport with our users and 2) gain a better understanding of how we can better improve our app.

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